Intentional Living: Where to Start?

This series will be a tag-a-long to some upcoming videos that I will be posting on the topics of manifestation and living intentionally. 

These two subjects are very broad--entire books are written on these topics. And I am neither a professional nor a guru. But there are many lessons that I have learned over the last 6 years, that has brought me to this point in my life where I feel not only comfortable enough to be vulnerable and talk about them but know for sure that there are real applicable ways for everyone to start living this way. 

There will soon be a video featuring real ways to begin living intentionally and manifesting the life you want. Am I a billionaire or even a multi-millionaire? Not yet. Am I in my forever job position? No, not yet. Am I in the romantic relationship that God intended for me? No, I'm currently single. Have I found my ultimate purpose on this Earth? No, not yet

I may have talked a few of you out of joining me along on this journey of manifestation and intentional living by this point. But I mention all the things I am not... JUST YET. Which means, one day I most certainly will be--I know this for sure. Manifesting the life you want isn't something that happens overnight. It isn't a quick scheme to success. To the outside world success on someone else usually looks like it happened overnight--but when in reality that person has been busting their ass everyday for the last decade and finally their hard work, manifestation and in my belief God's timing met at the right moment. In order to manifest the life you want you must first live it intentionally. 

Life does not happen TO YOU. YOU create the life you want. And in order to create that life it will take HARD work and living everyday with purpose and intention. There are no days to waste. You may know someone (or you may be this person) that always seems busy. But being busy and being productive are two very different things. You can go through life VERY busy all the time--but what are you really accomplishing? Are you dedicating yourself to a tangible end goal? Are you running in place? What do your relationships look like? How are you treating yourself? How is your mental and physical health?

All of these questions will be addressed through this series. I personally, am still on my journey through figuring out how to live intentionally daily and how to rework my brain to constantly manifest what I want for my life.

Try to keep this in mind as we work our way down this path together:

You have the power to make your life into whatever you want it to be. The moment you realize everything in your life is your decision you become the most powerful person in YOUR LIFE. When you stop giving credit and energy to the things that are “happening to you,”  and start realizing that all of those forces can either work against or for you depending on how YOU decide. And only then will you have cracked the code on gaining real peace and purpose in your life. -Brandis J. Haynes



Brandis Haynes