The Secret Life of a 20 Something


You have the power to make your life into whatever you want it to be...

The moment you realize everything in your life is your decision you become the most powerful person in YOUR LIFE. Fulfillment happens when you stop giving credit and energy to the things that are "happening to you," and start realizing that all of those forces can either work against or for you depending on how YOU decide. And only then will you have cracked the code on gaining real peace and purpose in your life.

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Archive Blogs

The previous blog posts that were written from 2014-2017, are still REALLY important to me. I've had people reach out and express how these posts helped them through tough times, gave them new perspective or was just happy someone understood how they felt too. So, I didn't want to just erase them. They mean a lot to me and there are some AMAZING, still relevant, information in them! So go check them out.