Spiritual Sundays: Oxygen Mask

Everyone that has flown before knows the drill. Once the plane is going down the runway preparing for take off and the flight attendant begins to give their big 'in case of an emergency' speech--time to put on your earphones and get comfortable for this flight, right? 

One take away that I've gotten from that entire speech that I've heard a million times is this, you must place your oxygen mask over your own face securely before you can help others. IE, save yourself before you attempt to save others

Whoa. That is a word. If you're anything like me you love to help others. (Almost to a fault.) You know that it's energy consuming but that 1,000th talk with your friend about buddy doing her dirty and how she shouldn't deal with him anymore--it is necessary, because one day she will listen. Right? Maybe she will but it will only be in her own time. So why are you expelling more energy into her growth than your own? Why are you trying to save her from this situation when really you have a messy bag o'crap in your closet that needs tending to? 

You have to save yourself before you can ever attempt to save someone else. Does that mean that you can't help other people until you're perfect? No! If so, I wouldn't on any grounds be able to even share this blog. This means when someone else's situation becomes more consuming, energy sucking or bigger than anything you are currently doing for yourself--get OUT. It is not worth the energy you are putting into it. That person has to learn on their own and in their own time. You can be there for them, you can pray for them (something that seems little but prayer is a POWERFUL action) and you can check in on them. BUT you can not involve yourself in the daily workings of their growth. Shoot, you have your own junk to deal with--focus on that. Center yourself around what you can do for yourself to better your own space and peace.

If they actively seek you to help them because they are ready and you truly believe you can be of help--help. The idea is that you recognize when helping others who are not ready to be helped--becomes bigger than helping yourself.

There's a thin line between selfish and focusing on yourself or between helping other and pouring too much into others. This week, focus on what you need to focus on for your betterment. Deal with your checklist before you start helping other tick off things from theirs. Then, when you're in a good space--lend a hand. It's all about balance.

Have an amazing week 20 Somethings. Remember you create the life you want by intentionally working towards your goals everyday. The universe is ready to give you everything you desire. GO GET IT!



Brandis Haynes