Peace in the Midst of Chaos

Peace is something I plan on talking about often throughout the blog. It is a state of being that I have worked VERY hard to get to--and I protect my peace with everything in me. I try not to allow anyone's negative, complaining, rude, upset, jealous, hateful or unnecessary energy get to me. And for the most part it works. 

How do I do it? I remind myself that I do not have to participate in anyone else's state of being. So for the most part I remove myself. I remove myself physically or mentally (when I can't actually get up and walk away). I don't subscribe to other's problems when I know that it will directly effect my personal peace. That goes for family and friends. NOT ONE PERSON IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOUR PEACE. NO ONE. 

Don't get me wrong, there are times when I seemed to have misplaced my peace. When I can't let things go or let life live. Like recently, I have been dealing with a lot personally--my health, my apartment and my schedule all seemed to be needing real attention--at the SAME time. And by giving all of these things attention I have inadvertently created even MORE chaos. But I realized, though a lot of the chaos is necessary, I have yet to feel overwhelmed or felt like my peace has been compromised. Strangely, I think that's a direct result of me really getting to the point where I only thrive in a peaceful place. Even when the chaos is around me--I find myself being able to focus on the shore and weather the storm. It's a wondrous thing. Nothing can truly shake you if your core is at peace.

Will everything work out? Yes. I know for sure that EVERYTHING works out--maybe not how I planned it or in my timeframe--but it all works out every single time. That gives me peace. Will I ever feel unhinged? YES, of course. We are in fact human, but it how we collect ourselves and remind ourselves to live in peace. 

What keeps you grounded? What do you focus on when you're in the midst of chaos? Are you working towards finding your own personal peace? How do you remind yourself to go to a peaceful place when seemingly everything is out of whack? Share in the comments! 

Have an awesome week 20 Somethings!




Brandis Haynes