Living MY Best Life

This year, I do not have a long list of resolutions. I rarely follow them anyway. I plan to better my health because I genuinely believe that health is wealth. I plan to continue building what will be a new generation of wealth for my family. I will continue to eat, drink, and be merry...because that’s just who I am.

To me, life should be simple and I want to start living that way. I have some upcoming, big girl decisions to make. Where will I move? Where will I work? When do I want to pay off my loans? The list goes on. I’ve always stressed over stuff like this, but as with every other year, 2018 taught me that my plan is not always His plan. Everything ultimately works out for my good.

Therefore, in 2019, my intention is to live in the moment and just keep it simple. This idea started with a conversation I had with Brandis. Basically, she told me to stop “waiting until….” to do what I wanted. I was “waiting until” I was done with residency to travel. I was “waiting until” June to stop working so much. I have been “waiting until….” for years. I’ve been stressing over life for years. But, I’m not  promised that I will make it to “until”. I’m not promised whatever I’m stressing over. So I have to start living and enjoying the moment. So that’s what I am going to do.

All Eyez on Me,

Dr. Ward

Courtney Ward