The Next Season

Hey there! I've been on a little blog break to enjoy the summer. I took the time out to write another draft of my short story (that I will make public soon!) and to sort of re-center myself before grad school started up again. Man have I missed blogging and communicating with you all, but I have plenty in queue for fall!  So many great new things will happen for The Secret Life of a 20 Something and I'm so excited about it.

A lot of things have happened to me this past year (for those of you who are new to the blog, I treat my birthday as the start of the [my] new year). I've grown, regressed in some ways, discovered many new "things" and realigned my path to coincide with my purpose (this is the BIG one!). I will be sharing all the ways I'm working on doing all of this and more. I'll reveal the Year of 29 list and how I plan on going into my 30's and what me turning 30 means for the blog. You'll also get to hear from some new voices! I am SO excited for that addition in particular to the blog.

I hope you didn't think I abandoned the community of 20 Somethings, I just needed a little time to grow and come back better than ever. A major key I've learned these past years is knowing when to step back and take care of yourself. I say this in so many ways in all of the many blogs I've written--but I'm telling you, it's one of THE most important lessons to learn. 

I hope you all have had an awesome summer and ready for the [your] next season. 



Brandis Haynes