The Story Inside of You

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.
— Maya Angelou

Today Maya Angelou would have been 90 years old. She was a great American poet, writer, activist and singer. She wrote the first book that ever shook my core, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. It was built upon trauma and how healing through self examination and reflection can be possible. I remember reading it in middle school, and deciding that one day I would write something (or many things) that made someone feel the way this book made me feel. I felt heard and recognized. I didn't quite understand the complexities of trauma or how healing is an on-going process but I knew someone else knew how I felt on some level, and they were brave enough to bare their scars. I knew that then and I really believe that now.

Literature is what connects us all. Beyond race, gender, sexual orientation or socioeconomic status--that feeling that touches the deepest parts of our soul when you read something someone else wrote that speaks to you personally is what really connects us. It reminds us of humanity. Words can transcend time and space and still be relevant no matter who is reading it. Maya Angelou published I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings in 1969, I read it around 2001-2002 and I could read it today in 2018, and it would still speak to me. Great works can do that.

We all have a story. How we express and decide to share it may vary--but it's worth expressing and sharing. I hope if your soul is yearning to tell a story you decide to share it somehow with someone. I know I've been sitting on a few these past couple of years--but I'm finally nearing the point where I'm ready to share them. So be on the look out for some fiction coming really soon to the blog. 

I thank Maya Angelou for teaching this little girl in Mississippi, that “life is going to give you just what you put in it. Put your whole heart in everything you do, and pray, then you can wait” (Angelou, 1969). I hope you guys see my heart. 

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Brandis Haynes