Self Care: Entitlements

Protecting myself against "takers" is at the very top of my list for self care. It has taken me YEARS to figure out that takers can be people that love you, close friends or even family. They aren't always dressed up as manipulative con artists. 

Takers can be the well-meaning cousin that is subtly always broke and either asking you for money or expecting you to pay. It could be that friend that only talks about themselves and never asks how you're doing in your life. It could be the other  friend that doesn't value your feelings or diminishes your feelings when you try to express yourself. It can be your mom, who can't seem to give you a compliment or gives underhanded compliments. All of these types of takers are detrimental to your energy. 

No one is entitled to your energy or your space. 

Does that mean you eliminate these people from your life? No, not necessarily but you have to learn when to stop participating in their abuse of your energy and space. Walk away. Excuse yourself or simply and nicely let them know that the situation isn't healthy for you.

No one is entitled to your energy or your space. Say this when you feel guilty about avoiding "that person" for the tenth time this month. Be honest with yourself and be honest with them. Seriously, they may not even realize they're demanding that much of you until you speak up.

Protect your peace at all costs. No one is worth it.

Have a wonderful week 20 Somethings.



Brandis Haynes