The Year of 29

The moment you realize everything in your life is your decision you become the most powerful person in YOUR LIFE. Fulfillment happens when you stop giving credit and energy to the things that are “happening to you,” and start realizing that all of those forces can either work against or for you depending on how YOU decide. And only then will you have cracked the code on gaining real peace and purpose in your life.
— Brandis Janiese Haynes

I’ve been 29 for a whole week now. The first week of this new year has flown by and I suspect the rest of my year will do the same. This birthday is special because it marks the last year of my 20s. Another decade on this Earth will be wrapped up quicker than I like to even imagine. I’ve worked, like on the inside, to be able to sit with myself and feel good about who I am. 29 seemed incredibly adult when I turned 20. I figured I would have been a millionaire, married and a mom by now. Which is funny. None of those things are actualized yet—but I am proud of where I am and more importantly who I am at 29.

I’m so grateful for all of the horrible days. The bad things that have happened that crippled me, took my breath away and made me sob uncontrollably it is because of those moments, I’ve learned to live every second, appreciate the smallest victories and never take anyone or anything for granted. I’m so grateful for it all. I’ve figured life out. No, seriously I’ve totally figured out how to function and live life on the highest level. The key: know that absolutely nothing (but God) is certain or sure. So we just have to keep moving forward. That is it. Keep moving forward. When the horrible stuff rips you of your joy—keep moving forward. When the world seems impossible and unbearable—keep moving forward. When love isn’t enough—keep moving forward. When depression and anxiety fills your day—try to keep moving forward. Because the moment you stop, the moment you decide to concede that all the bad stuff is more powerful than you are is the very moment you lose. No matter if you’re moving through the mud—keep moving forward. There will be a breakthrough. The good will overcome the bad. And you will be triumphant in this life.

So for 29, I will continue to move forward be it in my career, my love life and all of my relationships. I’m only going forward. And if anything doesn’t sit well with my spirit I won’t participate or do it. I’ve finally hit a stride in my life that feels really good. And that’s attributed to me figuring myself out first and foremost.

So here’s to 29. Each year brings sadness and presents new adversities. But I know I’ll get through them—I’ve gotten through bad stuff before. This cheers is for all the laughs, glasses of champagne, financial gains, career opportunities, earned degrees, celebrations, continued healing, hugs, kisses and unconditional love that the year of 29 will bring me!

Thank you for all of the birthday wishes and love. The support never goes unnoticed.



Brandis Haynes