What I Know for Sure

For this first post, I'm going to keep it very simple. There are a few things that I know for sure after 28 years of life, and especially after soul searching for the last six years. I have come up with a pretty good list (I love lists). I want to share it with you all:

  1. Don't ever limit God (the universe or energy) because you are scared.
  2. Your family (or the people you call family) are the most important people in your life.
  3. YOU are THE most important person in your life. 
  4. Drink a lot of water. (Great skin is just one benefit.)
  5. Never take any wooden nickels (Thanks Maw Maw).
  6. Moisturize twice a day.
  7. Have the freaking slice of cake.
  8. Tell your mom (or mother figure) you love her.
  9. Life is so short stop carrying around stuff you don't need.
  10. You can't worry and be faithful.
  11. Laugh every chance you get.
  12. Stop and look up at the sky sometimes it will show you how small you really are in the scheme of things.
  13. No one notices your imperfections like you think they do.
  14. Cry if you need to cry but do not pity yourself.
  15. Heartbreak hurts like hell--but it's the best catalyst for learning.
  16. Your parents aren't perfect. Neither are you.
  17. You don't have to participate in anyone treating you poorly. Get up and walk away.
  18. There is peace in being alone.
  19. Exfoliate your body (thank me later).
  20. It is okay to be selfish (there's a healthy way to do it).


I'll be adding and modifying this list my entire life. As I sit here, there are even more I can think of but I figure this is a good start.  Have you started a list? Are there lessons that you KNOW FOR SURE? How do you know a lesson for sure--you don't make the mistake or misunderstanding anymore. A little homework: make a list of things you know for sure. You'll surprise yourself. Share them with your friends or don't. Leave some in the comments! I would love to read them.

Thank you for joining me again. 



Brandis Haynes3 Comments