The Secret Life of a 20 Something is a collective of bloggers that explores the complexities of life and attempts to relate or make them simple. 

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A Brief History

After years of attempting to start a blog Founder and Chief Content Editor, Brandis J. Haynes, started The Secret Life of a 20 Something in 2014. After a year long hiatus from blogging Brandis decided the blog needed not only a face lift but a redirection. Enters The Secret Life of a 20 Something 2.0. 

The blog is no longer just Brandis' baby. Her voice wasn't the only voice that needed to be heard. She reached out to several influential 20 Somethings seeking their contribution to starting The Secret Life Community. A place where learning, relating and growing spiritually, mentally and emotionally would be cultivated. 

Accompanied by some amazing people, The Secret Life of a T